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Dear ladies and gentleman!

We want to thank you for our visit on Sunday 14th. 2018. Unfortunately the wetter condition forced the FIS to cancel the todays competition and therefore the athletes had to travel home without any flights on this day.

As concession of the organizer we inform you aboout the ticket refund:

  • Daily Tickets
  • VIP Tickets
  • Fliegerwies‘n Tickets

The barcodes on the 2018 sunday-tickets are possible to use for a daily-ticket voucher at the next KULM Skiflying event, for the qualifying competition on Friday. You can use this voucher for a free ticket purchase during pre sales at Ö-Ticket sales points and online.

A refund of money is not possible!

We warmly thank you to be our guests and we are looking forward see you at the next Skiflying Worldcup at KULM.

Your - Kulm Team!


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STEYR tractors at the Kulm: safety with tradition


As a specialist in modern, customer-oriented municipal technology, STEYR will also be providing four winter-service tractors in 2018 / Ice-free and snow-free access roads at the Kulm for the safe arrival and departure of athletes and spectators / cult brand traditionally engaged in sports sponsorship.

HOSTESS COLLECTION made by Platz Hirsch Dirndlerei

Platz Hirsch Dirndlerei"A real eye-catcher!" - this year's clothing from the KULM.

We present the new fashion line 2018 for our KULM hostesses. The clothes of PlatzHirsch Dirndlerei - fesch, innovative, Styrian. Yesterday, Katrin and Lisi were allowed to carry the pieces of sample with manager Bettina Grieshofer. Additionally say thank you for the Loden of the Pölster and Gamsfrackln provided by steiner1888! 

Because fesch can really be innovative, Bettina Grieshofer and her label PLATZHIRSCH in Bad Aussee were named Styrian Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017 in the Innovation-New Business Fields category. 

Aussee and the summer resort - a term that already has tradition. Just like the Ausseer Dirndl. The fact that tradition does not have to mean traditional, is currently demonstrated by the outsider Bettina Grieshofer, commonly top dog, with her cult dirndls. Top dog is the new fesch and "andirndln" more than just fashionable chic.