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FAQ | common questions

General questions

Where can I get further information? Who is in charge?
For any questions the team of the organization is happy to help you any time. On the internet (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or on the phone 0043-3623/6055.
For questions concerning the different departments we will connect you to the department managers.

Are dogs allowed in the area?
Unfortunatelly dogs are not allowed in the area. With the exception of service and guide dogs.

What do you suggest to wear at the Kulm?
Due to the cold temperatures in January and the shady location of the Kulm we recommend solid shoes and warm clothing.

Is it allowed to bring glass bottles to the ski flying area?
Due to safety regulations it is not allowed to bring glass bottles to the area, therefore they will be collected at the entrance.

Is it allowed to bring alcohol to the area?
Any kind of alcoholic drinks will be collected at the entrance.

Questions concerning children and adolescents

Is it safe to take children to the ski flying area?
We don´t recommend to take young children to the event.

Questions concerning side events and flower ceremonies

What is offered at the Kulm in addition to the ski flying event?
We try hard to offer attractive side events for everybody in addition to the sport events. It is our aim to satisfy all the different tastes and come up to all the expectations. You´ll find further information on our website www.skifliegen.at

I´m a musician and would like to perform at the Kulm, who do I need to contact?
At the time we are still collecting inquiries of musicians and bands. Please contact us and we´ll get back to you as soon as possible.

When and where will the flower ceremonies take place?
The flower ceremonies take place in the finish area right after the competitions.

Questions concerning travel, parking and traffic

How do I get to the area by public transport?
There are special trains, which stop directly at the Kulm station. You´ll find more information on our travel page.

Where do I find parking spaces?
Visitors who travel in their own cars will be lead to the parking spaces close to the area. From there you can easily walk to the area or take one of the provided shuttle busses. If you need a map in order to get to the parking areas, please check our travel page.

Are there seperate parking spaces for busses?
There are various parking spaces for busses available. You´ll soon find more information.

Questions concerning wheelchair users

Is it possible for wheelchair users to take part in the event?
We will provide a special area for wheelchair users. Application for wheelchair tickets at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Questions concerning VIPs

Where is the VIP tent located?
The exclusive VIP tent for GOLD VIPs is located next to the out-run, behind the stand. You´ll also find the catering for that category there.

Questions concerning tickets

Are there discounts for locals?
Unfortunatelly we don´t offer discounts for locals.

What kinds of tickets are available?
In addition to the regular tickets there are the Fliegerwies´n tickets and VIP tickets. For further information please check out our tickets page.

Why are some tickets sold out on the net, but soon after that available nevertheless?
Generally we put all available tickets on sale. But sometimes corporate clients don´t use all their tickets and return some of their quota, which we then offer for sale again. Of course we can´t guarantee that.
Furthermore enlargements of the area are possible at any time and therefore not predictable.

When do I get tickets?
The ticket mail order is expected to start in November 2015. VIP tickets will be distributed from December 2015 on, due to payment transfer.

Admission to the ski flying area:
In order to get into the ski flying area a valid ticket is required.

Are there special arrangements for companies?
Yes, there are offers for companies. For further information, please check the ticket page.

Where can I get tickets other than the internet?
You can purchase tickets at any Volksbank destination as well as any sale offices for Ö-Tickets.

Are there seats in the area?
Unfortunately we don´t provide any seats.