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Dear ladies and gentleman!

We want to thank you for our visit on Sunday 14th. 2018. Unfortunately the wetter condition forced the FIS to cancel the todays competition and therefore the athletes had to travel home without any flights on this day.

As concession of the organizer we inform you aboout the ticket refund:

  • Daily Tickets
  • VIP Tickets
  • Fliegerwies‘n Tickets

The barcodes on the 2018 sunday-tickets are possible to use for a daily-ticket voucher at the next KULM Skiflying event, for the qualifying competition on Friday. You can use this voucher for a free ticket purchase during pre sales at Ö-Ticket sales points and online.

A refund of money is not possible!

We warmly thank you to be our guests and we are looking forward see you at the next Skiflying Worldcup at KULM.

Your - Kulm Team!


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Legendary Winner Party "A tribute to Noriaki Kasai"

     Winners Party 6

Hundreds of guests experienced on Saturday evening the already legendary "Winners Party" as part of the Skiflug World Cup competitions at the Kulm. The big show - presented by Aldiana Salzkammergut and Grimmingtherme Bad Mitterndorf - did not take place this time in the VIP tent on the ski jumping hill but directly in the Grimmingtherme.

Kulm boss Hubert Neuper first welcomed the ski jumping family before singing a song of praise to the best jumpers in the world. "Thanks for the great ski flying festival." In the wake of one of the biggest ski jumping events, the highlight and the highlight of the evening were: Noriaki Kasai.

Winners Party 4

The eulogy for the Japanese ski jumping legend was held by Andreas Goldberger, who delighted the audience with a look at the extraordinary career of Kasai and numerous personal anecdotes. In honor of Noriaki Kasai, who made his debut in the World Cup in 1988 (then still in parallel!) And finished fifth in ski flying at the Kulm yesterday at 45, the ski jump coaches of all nations stood in the lead and sang Michael Jackson's "We change the world "for the visibly stirred Evergreen, who promised the audience to continue his career for a long time.

Winners Party 5

"Noriaki is an exceptional athlete and great person. Today he is not only honored for his many achievements, but also because he can be a role model for everyone in this room with his style ", Neuper pays the greatest respect to the exceptional athlete. Afterwards, entertainer Gregor Glanz created an exuberant atmosphere and transformed the Grimmingtherme for one night into an incomparable party location for the international ski jumping family.

Winners Party 7