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Dear ladies and gentleman!

We want to thank you for our visit on Sunday 14th. 2018. Unfortunately the wetter condition forced the FIS to cancel the todays competition and therefore the athletes had to travel home without any flights on this day.

As concession of the organizer we inform you aboout the ticket refund:

  • Daily Tickets
  • VIP Tickets
  • Fliegerwies‘n Tickets

The barcodes on the 2018 sunday-tickets are possible to use for a daily-ticket voucher at the next KULM Skiflying event, for the qualifying competition on Friday. You can use this voucher for a free ticket purchase during pre sales at Ö-Ticket sales points and online.

A refund of money is not possible!

We warmly thank you to be our guests and we are looking forward see you at the next Skiflying Worldcup at KULM.

Your - Kulm Team!


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Red Bull Station 1

The jumpers village built from 50 containers has been added to the Red Bull Station since this morning. The Red Bull Station offers not only a warm but also, above all, beautifully furnished recreation room with a feel-good factor for the ski flying eagle on the Kulm. Thanks to the integrated TV inside the Red Bull Station, the sportive process at the KULM is easy to follow. And enough drinks and sports food is also provided.

Three days before the start of the Kulm preparations are already in full swing. The VIP tent impresses with its combination of cosiness and elegance. The 2018 newly created Wellcard Lounge, which offers the opportunity to make yourself comfortable in the tent, is a special treat. The jumpers, which can be found suspended throughout the tent in various positions, allow guests to think back to successful ski flying events from the past and to reminisce. The hostesses and ski jump guides, who are specially prepared for the guests, make a lasting impression in addition to one or the other performance with their ski jumps.

For those guests who like to be away from the sporting events loud but spectacular music, the Fliegerwiesn tent is just right. In the party tent the special combo on Saturday as well as Ludwig Egger with his musicians on sunday provide next to Hendl and beer for good mood.

Guests with a day's entrance can come in between the passageways in the public tent and look around there for the physical well-being. Frozen hands due to low temperatures in the outdoor area are compensated by the warm-up inside the tent

And this year many stallholders with their sweets, their merchandising items and drinks will round off a successful event at the end in a successful way.